12. Spectacular ideas to create stunning atmosphere in your home

PicMonkey Collage

The new era of wall design makes you live a dream atmosphere in your home. These spectacular landscapes bring you in special places, in the middle of a forest or on a tropical beach, while you’re sitting on the couch. You can decor with this kind of art every rooms of your house to give it an original and unic touch.

1. This  mural is  perfect for those people who like to live surrounded by nature


2. Perfect idea for those people who love romantic atmosphere like a beautiful sunset by the sea


3. This mural is perfect for those people who want to recreate the small town atmosphere in your living room


4. This mural recreating the atmosphere of large cities in your bad room


5. For those people who want to be surrounded by fairy-tale atmosphere


6. This mural is perfect for recreating the atmosphere of a Renaissance hall in their home


7. Wake up and be on vacation surrounded by a Caribbean landscape


8. A wouderfoul  mural perfect for those people that love  jungle atmosphere


9. This mural creates the illusion of being in a historical center


10. Wake up under a tree sorreder by nature


11. A perfect idea to create a rural atmosphere in your living room


12. This mural brings into your home a real farm with a real horse


In this site you can find more ideas:



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